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The Wisdom of Edna Mode

I had a nightmare. Not one of those appearing-naked-in-public dreams, but almost as bad. I had been cast in some sort of musical theatre production. That should be hellish enough…but it was the first day of rehearsals, and I hadn’t learned any of my songs or dance steps. I had to go to the director […]

Are You a Red Shirt Guy?

I’m such a nerd and even took a quiz to prove it…as if my nerdiness needed validation. Worse yet, I’m a Star Trek nerd. I have faithfully watched Star Trek TOS (“The Original Series), TNG (“The Next Generation”), DS9 (“Deep Space Nine”), Voyager, Enterprise and all 11 movies. (I was prepared to loathe the 2009 cinematic prequel but […]

Let’s do shots!

Ah (choo), the flu season is once again upon us. All the morning TV shows are abuzz with the latest and greatest recommendations for us to get stung in the arm or swabbed up the nose to prevent the flu. And actually, the vaccination doesn’t preclude us from getting the flu; it only lessens the […]

Who Are Your Minions?

We took the kids to see the movie Despicable Me  last weekend. The trailer looked funny, and the film had already reached blockbuster status (as of this writing, it has grossed $209,287,345.00 — $32.00 of which was our humble contribution). It was a fun movie, but our teens are getting to an age where it’s not enough […]

I Speak Nerd

May 25th was Geek/Nerd Pride Day, and I flew my flag proudly. Gone are the days when either term would be considered derogatory. We Geeks and Nerds proclaim our status with verve, no longer hiding behind horn-rimmed glasses and ill-fitting, mismatched clothes. According to Facebook (where 77,230 fans cyberspatially celebrated this year’s event), Geek/Nerd Pride Day […]

10 things I learned from The Lord of the Rings

  This week, I watched the four brainiac characters of the TV comedy, The Big Bang Theory, fight over ownership of The One Ring, a prop from The Lord of the Rings movies that they had found at a garage sale. My favorite movies featured in my favorite comedy! Could a Monday night get any […]

Need Help Picking Your favorite Super Bowl Ad?

I’m a marketer, not a sports fan. So for me, the Super Bowl is all about the ads. AdWeek has compiled all the ads from the big game (along with some classics from the past) right here. I loved the storytelling aspect of the Google “Parisian Love” spot, but the animal lover in me also […]