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Let’s do shots!

Ah (choo), the flu season is once again upon us. All the morning TV shows are abuzz with the latest and greatest recommendations for us to get stung in the arm or swabbed up the nose to prevent the flu. And actually, the vaccination doesn’t preclude us from getting the flu; it only lessens the […]

Do you have 500 million friends?

This weekend marked the release of The Social Network, the film about the creation of Facebook, the website with 500 million members worldwide. I’ll admit that when social networks starting gaining steam, I quickly dismissed them as forums for narcissistic teens and internet stalkers. But when my son reached the age of but-all-my-friends-have-a-Facebook-account, I acquiesced […]

I Speak Nerd

May 25th was Geek/Nerd Pride Day, and I flew my flag proudly. Gone are the days when either term would be considered derogatory. We Geeks and Nerds proclaim our status with verve, no longer hiding behind horn-rimmed glasses and ill-fitting, mismatched clothes. According to Facebook (where 77,230 fans cyberspatially celebrated this year’s event), Geek/Nerd Pride Day […]

Living Analog in a Digital World

The other morning, my husband purchased a new computer and got it set up in our office before the kids got home from school. The moment our son walked through the door that afternoon, he said “You got a new computer!” He hadn’t yet stepped into our office and couldn’t see it, and all the […]

Cool Tips for More Effective Googling

How many times each day do you Google?  Like Xerox and Kleenex (and Coke if you’re from the South), Google has reached the pinnacle of brand recognition by becoming the generic term for the broader product — in this case, search engines. I easily use Google’s search engine dozens of times each day, and it immediately […]