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Do you have 500 million friends?

This weekend marked the release of The Social Network, the film about the creation of Facebook, the website with 500 million members worldwide. I’ll admit that when social networks starting gaining steam, I quickly dismissed them as forums for narcissistic teens and internet stalkers. But when my son reached the age of but-all-my-friends-have-a-Facebook-account, I acquiesced […]

I Speak Nerd

May 25th was Geek/Nerd Pride Day, and I flew my flag proudly. Gone are the days when either term would be considered derogatory. We Geeks and Nerds proclaim our status with verve, no longer hiding behind horn-rimmed glasses and ill-fitting, mismatched clothes. According to Facebook (where 77,230 fans cyberspatially celebrated this year’s event), Geek/Nerd Pride Day […]