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I Have a Foot-Long Zucchini

Okay, get your mind out of the gutter and into the garden.  And technically, it’s 15 inches long. But this is what happens if you forget to check your crops every day. Our zucchinis mature so rapidly that the green gourds grow from 5 inches to 15 inches in length practically overnight. I love to […]

Benefits of a Down Economy

Really? Yes. Sure, it’s been a tough couple of years, and no one’s certain when things will improve. But I’ve always been a glass-half-full type of person. And while you might think my glass is full of it, I’ve found some good has come out of this economic down turn. Here are some of the benefits […]

Overeating Can Be Good For You

“We never repent having eaten too little.” – Thomas Jefferson Jefferson knew of what he spoke. If Monticello was anything like my house, the overeating started at Halloween. First, there’s all the candy (and folks in my neighborhood have been improving their hand-outs over the years. No more generic lolly pops. They are giving out Kit-Kats, […]

How to Remember That Thing You Forgot

We had yet another winter storm this morning. The skies had opened up during the night and glazed the car, the driveway, and the mounds of already accumulated snow with an icy shell. My feet were slip-sliding on the sloped driveway as I tried to make my way to the car. I just couldn’t get… What is […]

See something. Say something…something nice.

While stopping through several airports recently, I was struck by how many of the usual poster ads had been replaced by the public awarness campaign, “If You See Something, Say Something.” After the September 11th attack, the New York subways and bus stops were plastered with these signs, but I didn’t realize it was a national […]

Summer is over. I need a cookie.

Labor Day. The official end of summer. This is always a gloomy time of year for me because my kids are going back to school. Some parents can’t wait for that first bell to ring, but I actually enjoy spending time with my children and the relatively stress-free nature of the vacation season. I love the […]