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Eyes Up Here

“Don’t look up.” That was the first piece of advice I was given after moving to New York City nearly 30 years ago. “Everyone will know for sure you’re not from around here.” But it was hard not to. Everywhere there was magnificent, varied architecture stretching into the sky: the Empire State Building, my favorite […]

See something. Say something…something nice.

While stopping through several airports recently, I was struck by how many of the usual poster ads had been replaced by the public awarness campaign, “If You See Something, Say Something.” After the September 11th attack, the New York subways and bus stops were plastered with these signs, but I didn’t realize it was a national […]

Hawaiian Word of the Day: Kuana’ike

Kuana’ike (koo-AH-nah-EE-kay) = perspective.  Sometimes a change in environment helps us gain a little perspective and appreciation for our lives. We recently took a trip to Hawaii thanks to years of saving up frequent flyer miles and having relatives who live there with a spare bedroom. Our 50th state is a mix of cultures, much more of […]